Sportswear and Sport Equipment

Starting the analysis of the sportswear sector, strictly considered, we can see that it counts revenues equal to 74,8 billion Us dollars in the 2009 with a constant growth in the last year and a forecast that this market is increasing of a 2% until the 2014.
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Of these revenues the large part of the profits are from the “ball sports equipment” that assure to the industry revenues for ,3 billion equal to the 17,8% of the total sector (DataMonitor, May 2010)50 .
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Referring to the Porter‟s five forces we can best understand the right composition of this market, The global market for sports equipment is fragmented despite the presence of huge brands as Nike, Adidas or Puma, this variety of players is given above all by the possibility to focus on several products for specific activities or on the whole range.

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Retailing plays an important role and it offers some economies of scale such as bulk buying, but there is also the possibility to enter in the market with a low budget operating on a small scale.

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