Sticker’s role in e-commerce

Have you been reading about the power of sticker marketing but are wondering how that could possibly work for your e-commerce business? Or maybe you are skeptical about the actual efficiency of stickers in times of digital marketing? 

In this article, we will answer exactly these questions and look at the role custom stickers can play in e-commerce. We will give you hands-on tips you can action straight after having read this post and experience the power of sticker marketing yourself. 

Does that sound interesting? Then let us get straight into it. 

1. Brand experience 

Branding is such a buzzword but can be incredibly hard to track. We decide on a brand based on a gut feeling. This makes it very hard for startups or new businesses to benefit from the trust and experience branding depends on. 

While a gut feeling cannot be engineered, you can focus on forging a positive association between customers and your business by turning every step of their journey into an interaction with your brand. Logo stickers are perfect for that, as they are an easy way to reinforce your brand name.
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Even more effective are thank-you stickers. They show your customers that you appreciate them and are willing to go the extra mile for them.

On top of that, you can choose the right sticker material to fit your brand values. While traditionally, stickers are made from vinyl, many sticker printers offer more environmentally friendly sticker options. These are made from paper or bio-plastics and can decompose within 12 weeks – perfect if you are looking for fully compostable packaging. 

2. Unique selling point 

E-commerce is, of course, a digital business. You want to make sure you invest in your search engine presence, draft an email newsletter or make sure your website is flawless to keep up that conversion rate. Maybe you are even investing in paid ads? That’s great! But the digital space can quickly become oversaturated. 

This means that potential customers can be less receptive to the messages they are receiving online, as we are already used to a flood of information coming our way. Now, we are not suggesting you abandon your digital marketing.
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But you can add to it and easily fill offline channels using stickers. 

This can be as simple as adding free stickers to every order. Did you know that stickers are not perceived as an advertising tool? Instead, they are seen as a gift. Through a simple sticker, you can unlock a ton of positive associations and even tap into some psychology. Gift-giving evokes the so-called rule of reciprocity: when we receive a gift, we feel the need to return the favor to whoever gifted us. This can take the form of repeat orders or even a post on social media. If you like this tip, go for custom vinyl stickers. These resists water and scratches, giving your customers the best possible experience. 

3. Custom mailers

As an e-commerce business, you do not want to neglect your mailers or post boxes. They mark the first physical touchpoint your customers will have with your business, and you want to be sure to blow them away. 

A simple way to do this is by adding custom stickers to your mailers. We love a seasonal touch like a pumpkin or snowflakes, or you can use rainbow stickers to celebrate pride. You can also customize your address labels and use a themed border instead of the normal white labels, or even opt for clear labels.

All of this should not only make your customers smile and remember you, they also make your packaging more shareable. By this we mean that your customers will be more likely to share their purchase on their social media channels, tagging you and becoming your personal brand ambassadors. This can increase your reach and brand awareness exponentially – all for the price of a few stickers.
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We hope we could show you why custom stickers should have a firm place in the e-commerce world. Are you ready to give them a try? Should you have any questions or would like to share your experience with us, please feel free to leave us a comment below. 

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