Strawberry plants: high quality nutrition in your home garden

Fruits are among the staples of a healthy diet. Strawberries specifically are one of the healthiest fruits that can be consumed throughout life. They contain few calories, are powerful antioxidants, improve bone quality, are a source of vitamin C, etc. The virtues of these fruits are enhanced if you have strawberry plants in your garden, since you have direct access to their freshness. You won’t need to go to the greengrocer or supermarket to get access to real high quality fruits.

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Fruit plants grown in the home garden will always be better than fruit you buy in any store. Fresh fruit plants straight from your home garden have greater nutritional virtues. As you know, commercial food growers work on various accelerated growth techniques and put preservatives on the fruits so that they can better withstand the packaging and shipping they are subjected to. During this time-consuming process, fruits lose color, flavor and valuable nutrients necessary for health. Chris Bowers and Sons offers fruit plants that you can install in your home garden so that you can consume real quality fruit.

Growing fruit plants in your home garden allows you to control the ripening time of your fruits yourself. A fully ripe fruit contains all of its original nutrients and by consuming them you get all of their benefits. The key is that you handle your fruits carefully so they don’t bruise. In addition, ripe fruits are the most delicious tasting. Commercial growers harvest fruits before they are ripe so that they have a longer shelf life in supermarkets and greengrocers. Unfortunately, nutrients are lost during this process.

If you want to get the maximum benefits of strawberries to follow a healthy diet, you should definitely have strawberry plants for sale in your home garden. This is the only way to consume real high quality strawberries, without harmful chemical substances and with the right ripening time. Strawberries are an ally of the weight loss process, as they are highly satiating and contain few calories. You can eat them raw and also prepare strawberry jams and compotes to maintain a varied diet. Remember that the roots and leaves of strawberries are also beneficial to health because they have anti-inflammatory properties. The crushed leaves of strawberries also have aesthetic benefits for the skin as they prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

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