The Difference Between a Living Room and Family Room: Do You Need Both?

One of the most frustrating things you may encounter when looking to remodel or revamp either a living room or family room is that the terms are used interchangeably altogether too often. They are not the same thing and although a family lacking space for both may need to multi-purpose their living room, a family room is something else in both form and function. Although you may not need both, the main differences are important on a number of levels.

Form and Function

Form and function are likely to be important differences in that a living room tends to be more formally decorated while a family room is all about comfort and enjoyment. This means that seating elements will tend to differ as well. A living room may have a comfortable, plush couch but a family room is likely to have a futon bed for last minute kids’ sleepovers and there will be at least one large bean bag chair to lounge comfortably in when watching movies.

Whether you have several kids or just one, they will almost always like to plop down next to a friend in a 5ft bean bag (or larger!) chair to munch on popcorn while binging on the latest season of their favorite superheroes on Netflix. If you hadn’t considered bean bag décor for your family room, you might want to check out the selection of 5ft bean bag chairs by Fombag in various colors to suit your family room décor.

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Differences in Size and Location

Another set of important differences are in terms of size and location. Living rooms tend to be larger and located quite close to the main entryway of a home. The reason for this is because the living room is where guests are most likely to be entertained so you don’t want them trudging through your entire home to get to the place where they can sit and chat a while.

A family room is typically smaller and in an area of the home as far away from where guests would be entertained for obvious reasons. Take for example mom or dad having the boss over for dinner and cocktails. With three kids and two dogs running around making all kinds of noise (and mess!), you wouldn’t feel very comfortable chatting with your boss and their spouse. If the family room is located in the rear area of the home, you can only hope that the two ‘warring factions’ are far removed from each other and the kids will stay entertained until you bid your guests goodnight.

You Have Just Answered Your Own Question!

So then, all things considered, do you really need to know if you need both a living room and a family room? If you have at least one child and one family pet and if you entertain guests even only a few times a year, you know the answer. Not only can you keep company and hyper kids separate but you can also protect those more expensive furnishings and bits of décor somewhat safe from bouncy kids and pets. Do you need both? You tell us!

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