The Emergence Of Organic Clothing

Our kids deserve all our love. We can never compromise when it comes to their comfort or protection.
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And so when we talk about the clothes we buy for them, nothing beats the affordable organic baby clothing?

These organic clothes would be environmentally safe and will also protect your baby’s gentle skin!

The Reason Why People Are Switching To Organic Clothing-

  • Organic clothes are very safe as compared to synthetic clothes. Manufacturers use chemicals that cause difficulty in breathing and can also cause kidney, liver and reproductive organ’s damage.
  • Cloth making industry uses chemicals like polyester which causes itching on the skin.
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    These clothes are non-biodegradable, making them even more harmful for our babies and Mother Earth.
  • Buying organic clothes in the first place looks like a safe investment when we compare it to our baby’s health and its long term benefits.
  • Since the market is expanding and organic clothing is coming up in trends, it is getting affordable day by day. Earlier, only big brands used to spend money on making biodegradable clothes, but since its increased production and more demand, even local sellers are now keeping a separate section for all the organic clothes.

How Organic Clothes Gained Importance?

It is a fact that we cannot stop investing in clothes or simply stop using them. Some say that organic clothes are the most expensive ones, but we disagree.

These clothes are available in all types. From the top premium quality, whose fabrics are extremely soft and the designs are made with a lot of precision, to the affordable organic baby clothing, everything is worth trying. After all, all clothes get the designer’s special attention.

We all can be very happy about one thing- that it is compulsory for almost all organic clothing stores to follow Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

How is organic better in every possible way?

One should remember a couple of things more. Along with personal benefits, organic produce also brings in healthy climatic changes. A nutrient-rich soil curbs the excessive carbon dioxide in the air and helps in balancing the greenhouse effect.

This clothing is made from natural products, and hence it supports farming. Faring is still one of the most talked-about and populated professions in many countries.
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If you are a person buying these clothes, then just be happy because each time you buy a dress, you are giving a farmer more money in his occupation.

Clothes made from chemicals also require some materials to be grown. Such chemically grown materials degrade the land quickly, resulting in infertility and barrenness. Organic/natural farming, on the other hand, focuses on retaining the spoil’s proteins and minerals and is a slow process of growing raw materials without any external fertilisers.

You should also not forget how the skin, the largest organ, covers 90% of our body and absorbs whatever we expose it to. Bad quality clothes can cause skin rashes and irritation. You can also develop allergies, and hence it is better to take precautions.

Precautions To Take Before Buying-

Make sure to spot the GOTS logo wherever you go to buy affordable organic baby clothing. This logo ensures that the product has at least it’s the maximum amount of pure organic fibres. If you are planning to buy in bulk, it is always better if you first compare the prices online and then check for clothes near your residence.

Something For Awareness

Many people still do not know that apart from the organic produce of vegetables, such clothes are mass-produced too. There is a myth that organic clothes are only for the rich.

You can start by educating the other kids’ moms around you and bringing a positive change in your immediate environment.

You can also start by gifting such clothes to your other close acquaintances.

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