The Need for Fashion Illustrators

In the fast-moving world, it has become necessary for every aspect of a business to be perfected to catch the crowd’s attention.
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Every menial job requires an expert since not everything can be achieved by the same individual just because it seems easy. It has become easy to buy fashion illustrations and hiring an illustrator could also work. Here are some reasons to have a fashion illustrator for a fashion-related organisation.


With experience comes expertise. A fashion illustrator knows the nitty-gritty of the job and illustrating in general.
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This experience gives them an edge over any other illustrator or graphic designer since they specifically know how to illustrate for the fashion industry. Being in the industry presents them with unique ideas and creativity as they are much more entitled to crafty opinions and changes than any other individual who draws only on their knowledge and no specific ideas on fashion.
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They are also aware of fabric, stitches, flow, and silhouettes which allows them to build a specific item the way they do, keeping in mind that it drapes the same way they plan it.

Digital intelligence:

Many fashion experts tend to ideate a lot better than they can draw it. This problem could use an extra hand by involving someone who could listen to the ideas and draw to their top capabilities to match the same. With the growing digital age, one has to move with digital ideations and illustrations compared to papers. When you buy fashion illustrations, the illustrator makes sure the digitised version is the same as what was asked for. It could also be tweaked or changed according to necessity using the same illustrator too. It is best to let the illustrator change it as they need to be credited for their work and changing elements of another individual’s work is ethically wrong. Moving on from this, when a digitised idea is presented to someone, it is clearer, neater, easier to access and make changes to present or previous versions, and an overall professional way to communicate to clients.

Cost reduction:

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a fashion illustrator will lessen the costs of production and increase its value in the later processes. Since a fashion illustrator is educated on every material, fitting, drape, etc., they know how a certain cloth has to be modelled for it to have a certain value to it. For example, if a particular lining is necessary on a suit, a regular illustrator might assume a designer might know it and ignore illustrating it. A fashion illustrator makes sure every element is added for a clearer understanding to the client, which thereby increases brand value. On top of this, if the said suit is specifically made to a particular design preferable by the society and produces an elite look, it attaches more value to the piece. All this reduces the need for the middleman and retouching of every illustration made by regular designers.

When a fashion illustrator designs a piece, they are aware of its history, the value it has in the market, and the target audience as well. All this knowledge provides them extra credit since illustrating is a very early process, and if it goes wrong, the rest of the processes are bound to fall apart. This job needs more recognition, support, and value because it is extremely tough to take care of all of these points. Most illustrators are emptied of their creative freedom. Those who aren’t are also working under an ideator which requires patience and tweaks from the version they want to create and what the ideator has in mind. It is a difficult job to find the balance and keep it going for years.

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