The Role of Blame and Forgiveness in Addiction Recovery Therapy

When talking about addiction, one of the most important concepts for a person in recovery to grasp is the amount of damage their choices have done to other people. Most often, the people they harm the most, other than themselves, are the ones they care about more than anything in the world. The reason they hurt them isn’t that they hate them; it’s because they are the easiest people to manipulate. An active addict will target the path of least resistance, which, coincidentally, are those very people they love.

Addiction recovery is a multi-faceted series of events that culminate in a healthy mind, body, and soul. When a decision is made to stop the insanity of addiction, a very difficult decision indeed, many things begin to happen.

First, your body is given a chance to normalize. That means that the endorphins will begin to fire on their own over a period of time, and you’ll find pleasure without substance abuse.

Next, your mind, now having clarity it lacked for as long as you’ve abused drugs or other substances, begins to see the things that prevented you from understanding the damage you’ve caused, causing you to care about it. You can’t help but think of how you can repair those damages, which is a good possibility.
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If you have made the decision to recover and you’re serious about it, you’ll probably want to begin a process of professional rehab for a substantial amount of time. This is where you start to acquire the tools that therapy can provide.

Cognitive therapy is commonly referred to as talk therapy. It is one of the many approaches a therapist will use to help you process what brought you to the bad place you got to, the pains that caused you to seek refuge in mind-altering substances and develop a means to release the pain without further substance abuse.
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In the process, you begin to understand that blame is something you feel in order to relieve yourself of responsibility. The truth is, you are responsible for your actions and your choices.

You have no responsibility for the actions of others that so greatly affected you and made you want to escape; it doesn’t excuse what you have done to others. In accepting responsibility, you’ll begin to be able to forgive others for what they did to you.  This is a really important concept to grasp, so I want you to pay close attention to it. When you forgive others, you let go of the hold they have on you. Yes, all these years, you’ve held the anger and blame out to them; they have continued to hurt you, to repeatedly hurt you over and over. When you forgive them, when you accept that you have no control over their past choices, you set yourself free.

It doesn’t happen without help, though. Therapy is a critical aspect of a successful effort to recover.
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Perhaps you can stop using drugs by yourself. Despite the difficulty in doing so, that alone doesn’t stop the pain. You can let go of the pains through therapy, and then you can begin to work through a successful program of recovery, following up with support from others who have walked in your shoes. Addiction is a terrible thing. Nobody chooses to be an addict. Many choose recovery. Are you one of them?

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