The Seven Major Causes of Car Accidents and How They Can be Prevented

Road accidents have become all too common in the world today, and people must be made aware of the significant causes.

Car accidents are usually due to either motor vehicle system failure or drivers’ negligence. However, there can be another factor which is third-party fault on the road. In either case, you can end up with severe injuries and damage to your motor vehicle. Both of these outcomes are very much undesirable.

In this article we discuss the most common causes of car accident causes and what you can do to prevent them. We hope that in following these guidelines you can avoid being involved in a motor vehicle accident which will prevent you from suffering property damage, injury or worse still death.

1. Speeding

 People often drive cars above the speed limit for no reason. Even when there is a reason such as that you are running late for work you should avoid driving at excessive speeds.

The most dangerous fact about driving at excessive speed is that you don’t get much time to control the car when it deviates direction.  Furthermore if you are involved in a collision at excessive speed the force of the collision will be significantly greater and as a result the damage to your car will be greater and any consequent injury to you and the other occupants of your motor vehicle will be greater.


Always be aware of the speed limit for the road that you are driving on and do not exceed it.  Train yourself to check your speedometer and if available set your cruise control appropriately.  It is also helpful if you depart for your journey early so that you are not tempted to drive above the relevant speed limit.

2. Distraction

It takes less than one second of distraction to end up with an accident, and that distraction could be either using a mobile phone, eating a cheeseburger, or changing the song on the radio. Distractions often occur when people think that they’re excellent drivers who are not evcer going to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. As a result, they try to focus on two different things at once — driving and some other activity. In reality, the best drivers are those who are always soley focused on driving.


Train yourself to be organized whilst driving and never try to engage in another task that will take your attention from the road. Keep your eyes on the road and if possible ask your passenger to assist you with any tasks that need to be completed.

3. Drunk Driving

Fatal accidents very often occur when the driver is under the influence of alcohol.  All countries around the world set limits about the maximum amount of alcohol that you are pewrmitted to have in your blood if you are operating a motor vehicle.  If you do drink and drive your senses will be impaired and your reaction times will be slower which significanly increases the possibility of you being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  If you are unfortunately involved in a motor vehicle accident and as a result you suufer bodily injury you should consider seeking advice from a motor vehicle injury lawyer Perth.  The best personal injury lawyers can help you ensure you get the compensation you deserve.


When you are planning a night always nominate a designated driver so that you know you will have a safe way of getting home.  If a designated driver is unavailabvle then you should walk, use public transport, or call a taxi or Uber.

4. Heavy Rain

Rain on the road reduces the friction between the road and the car’s tyres. As a result, the chances of the driver losing control of the car increase. If it is necessary for the driver to apply the motor vehicle’s breaks the stopping distance is significantly increased in wet weather placing the driver and the occupants of the motor vehicle at risk.


When you are driving in wet weather be sure to drive slowly and allow plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of yours.  If the rain becomes too heavy then pull your car over to the side of the road and wait forn the downpour to subside.  Be sure to use your car’s airconditioning to prevent the windows from fogging up so that you can clearly see the road ahead which will greatly assist you with avoiding any obstacles and therefore keep you safe from car accidents.

5. Night Driving

People often choose to drive during nighttime as there are fewer vehicles on the road. But the chances of fatal accidents increase as the sun starts setting.
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First, there’s a problem with reduced vision, and second, you are more likely to suffer the negative effects of fatigue. Both of these factors could lead to you being involved in a motor vehicle accident.


If possible do not drive at night.  Perhaps you can decide to travel in the morning the following day instead.  If you do travel at night you should ensure that your headlights are working perfectly.  You should drive slower than you would during the day and take regular breaks to ensure that you do not become fatigued so that you remain alert to any dangers that might present themselves.

6. Poor Lane Changes

Unfortunately there are many drivers on the road that do not change lanes properly.  This might involve changing lanes quickly, at an inappropriate speed or not using their motor vehicles indicators.
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  When a motor vehicle changes lanes too quickly other drivers do not have sufficient time to take evasive action so as to avoid a car crash occurring.


You should plan your lane changes well in advance.  First of all check your mirrors to ensure there are no other cars in the adjoining lane, hen check your blindspots, then turn on your indicators, then check your mirrors and blind spot again and if it is safe to do so then slowly move across to the adjoining lane.

7. Inexperience

Young inexperienced drivers unfortunately make up a large proportion of those who cause motor vehicle accidents. They often choose to speed, have minimal experience, are unaware of the dangers and are often distracted.
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If you want to drive your car carefully then you will need to know about car accidents and how to avoid them.


Young drivers should be provided with ample training before being permitted to drive on the road.  A defensive driving course is advisable to assist them in being aware oif the potential dangers on the road.

We are hopefuyl that the tips in this article will keep you safe on the road and prevent you from becoming another tracic statistic.

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