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Things you need to know before buying garden clay chimney

We all know that feeling of sitting outside during the winters and enjoying the warmth we feel and sense through the fire pits or chimeneas that are situated in our garden or patio space. There are different types and variations that we might see or notice while opting for a perfect chimney. The most traditional of all is the clay chimney. Clay chimney is still being used these days. It has great worth, and it is also economical. Here we are going to discuss the buying guide for a perfect clay chimney. Read more to know more about it.

Clay chimney 

The common material used over chimeneas is clay for sure. It is considered way better than the modern steel chimeneas. There are several advantages associated with clay chimneys.

Unique designs Clay chimney is very unique as compared to all the types such as cast iron, steel, or aluminium. Clay chimeneas are made by hand which means they are handmade. While steel or the other types are made with heavy machinery and complexities. Clay chimney is a model of uniqueness and exhibits the traditional ways of living.

After the clay is shaped and painted well the real magic takes place when all the units are added to the kiln. Even the units are handmade. Clay chimeneas are simple in construction and are very classy.

  • Blends with garden objects 

Yes, that’s a great thing about clay chimineas. They blend so well with the surrounding plants and pots present in the garden or the patio space. These go well with potted plants and ceramic-made pieces. If you are using soft liners of ceramic, then these are going to go pretty well with other objects while large metal units might turn out to be a little extra Goudy.

  • Repairable 

It is pretty obvious that all types of chimineas get cracked or their cast covering becomes rusty when exposed to high heat. You can always paint metal units of all the types of chimineas but if the heat goes more than 600 degrees then it becomes impossible. But with a clay chimney the repair process is less tacky. You can save the cracked parts of it with the application of refractory cement. It works like magic when applied. It can be used if the metal units have fallen.

The process is easy. You must apply the refractory cement over the cracked parts of your chimney. You can apply with the help of a painter’s pallet. Then let it dry out for some time. And smooth it out later with the help of a brush or you can use sandpaper to remove the excess out. When the area is dried to perfection you can paint and fire it up.

The ceramic chimineas tend to crack out for no reason. Therefore, to be on the safe side it is best to generate small portion fires rather than huge ones.

  • No assembly required 

Unlike the steel or aluminum types, you don’t need to assemble the parts of the chimney in the patio space. All you are instructed to do is simply take the chimney out of its case and place it in the right direction to start the clay chimney. The process of using chimneys is also simple. Avoid the use of charcoal. Use wood to burn fire through the help of a clay chimney. Charcoal can create a lot of mess if being used thus it is preferable to make use of wood only in this case.

  • Disadvantages of using clay chimney 

Clay chimeneas are heavy as compared to other types that are present. The next disadvantage associated with a clay chimney is that it is also very fragile. If you fail to handle it with care, there are chances that it will crack or lose its balance. Since these are made through hands the cost of a chimney is also pretty high. Depending on the size and shape you can expect to see an increase in the cost of the chimney as well.

The above are a few points to consider while buying a chimney. You can check on the garden and patio to get the latest discounts.

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