Time Management Strategy: A Guide For Students

The way you manage your time sets you apart from the rest. Time management is an important skill that every student must try to master.

A student’s life is full of a lot of activities- classes to attend, homework, self-study, extra-curricular, etc. Being able to plan, manage and prioritize things helps you stay sorted and keeps the stress away. 

Why is Time Management Important?

Students that have good time management skills can prioritise their responsibilities and complete their homework and assignments on time. Mastering time management skills will enable you to arrange your day’s schedule, complete activities on time, and make the most of your time. You will be able to fit everything you want to do into a day if you master the skill of prioritising things based on how important they are, how much value they hold, and how much time they will take.

Managing time effectively helps you become more organized and responsible. It reduces stress and frustration.

To help you out with this, here are some tips on how you can master the skill of time management.

  • Create a Timetable

Create a timetable. Make a schedule that suits your needs. You can use a timetable maker to make it simpler for you. Assign a time limit to each activity and add it to your list of priorities. Schedule your study hours during those hours when you are most active. 

Make sure to sleep enough and make your sleeping hours a part of your timetable, if you are creating it for the whole day. Also, for the study hours, break down the timetable into smaller hours. Allot time to subjects that need more attention or you are weak in.

  • Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking may appear to speed up the completion of activities, however, this is might have a negative effect. Learning will be less effective if you divide your time between multiple activities. You should focus on one thing at a time and give it your undivided attention. 

If your teachers teach online, avoid opening multiple tabs and focus on what your teacher has to say in the class. You should not be in a hurry to note everything down or keep chatting with your friends.

  • Set Achievable Goals

To be able to utilize your time in the best way, set achievable goals. You should set goals or targets for every study session or every week to achieve. The goal can be anything such as reading two pages of an English lesson, learning one theorem, etc. Whatever the goal you set, it should be achievable.

  • Follow Up and Make Necessary Changes

It may happen that your schedule may not be perfect for you for the whole year or so. You should make changes to it as and when required. Keep updating it as per your needs and convenience so that you can be better at prioritizing whatever is more important.

Final Thoughts

Time management makes you better at handling anything that is thrown at you. However, sticking to a timetable of honing the skill requires patience, effort and utmost dedication. 

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