Top 5 Careers for Masters in Political Science

Political Science is one of the most-pursued courses in the 11th standard by art students. A huge number of students who take up humanities as their mainstream after passing 10th boards, choose political science in their subject combinations. In most cases, you’ll find political science as a major subject in the combination of an art student, though there are many exceptions as well. From that phase, it is seen that many students take up Political Science at their bachelor’s level, and some of them pursue it at their master’s level too.

Masters in Political Science is a 2-year master’s degree course, where candidates secure their knowledge of Indian as well as International politics. Generally, students who aspire to work in the fields of public management and governance, take up this course. The course is also available online from various online course selling platforms or sell online courses from your own website.

Political Science can enable candidates to work in multiple sectors, and a few of the students are aware of the subject’s power. Here, we will go through the top 5 career options for the Masters in Political Science course.

Political Scientist

The first career option which you can avail yourself of with a master’s degree in political science is the job of a Political Scientist. A huge number of students who pursue political science in their master’s degree go for this renowned job position. It is seen that maximum political scientists get employed by the federal government. 

They engage themselves in studying political and government behavior and directly apply all of the skills that they have learned. They also work on analyzing voting patterns, forming models for predicting social and political trends, advising politicians’ campaigns at the time of elections, etc. The average salary of a political scientist in India is nearly INR 20 lakhs.


Being a lobbyist is also among the top careers which you can opt for after attaining a master’s in political science degree. Lobbyists are responsible for communicating with the government on behalf of various organizations, private individuals, or even interest groups. Direct lobbyists engage themselves in directly communicating with politicians, and on the other hand, indirect lobbyists drive communities for taking action and for launching grassroots movements.

Lobbyists acquire in-depth knowledge of politics as well as the various political process which is regarded as their main skill. Besides, they need to possess great communication skills too as the persuasion of politicians. This also adds communication with people or even a particular organization, that they primarily represent. The average salary of a lobbyist in India is INR 10 lakhs per annum.

Government Worker

One of the greatest careers of being a master of political science is that it enables you to attain a career as a government worker. The job of a government worker has a huge variation starting from a legislature to working in the VIA Intelligence. Jobs can be of high positions and average positions too. High-paying and average-paying jobs are also there, and overall the individuals get eligible to work in a variety of positions. The average salary of a government worker in India is INR 6 lakhs.


Candidates can also take up business as their field of work, as it is seen that there are numerous students who aster securing the master in political science degree settle themselves doing business and also become successful. For doing a business, all you need to do is good written and verbal skills.

Depending upon the type of business you do, knowledge of economics, as well as mathematics, is required. It is seen that candidates having a political science degree are often hired in non-government roles including social media marketing, and public relations, and they also have the ability to analyze the thoughts and responses of consumers. The average salary of a businessman in India is over INR 8 lakhs.


Last but not the least, one of the best careers that a master’s in political science will gift you are the career of a Journalist. You can also step into this field by learning Journalism from various course selling website or website for launch course. The profession is a highly competitive as well as a pressure profession where people having the knowledge of political science and expertise in politics and government generally shine.

Candidates having this master’s in political science degree generally have this expertise and this makes them excellent as writers or even political correspondents focusing on either international or domestic policy. The average salary of a journalist in India is over INR 3 lakhs.

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