Top 9 Signs show you may have PCOS

Nowadays, women come across hormonal imbalance every second, and they don’t know what PCOS is? Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a complex hormonal disorder that causes cysts in women’s ovaries. Such conditions have failed to mature their eggs properly. If you people are unaware of PCOS, then this blog is going to be very useful. Early diagnosis and treatment help to encounter the issues. Have a look, and do let us know were you aware of these signs?

Irregular Periods

One of the major signs that you would see is periods irregularity, and it would cause a delay in periods. You would experience bleeding or spotting between periods, and sometimes it would be heavy or light bleeding. Hormonal birth control pills would help to regulate your periods, especially when you have PCOS. Don’t forget to get yourself diagnosed immediately by the doctor because they know how important it’s for you to start treatment.


Women with PCOS would face infertility issues, and PCOS is the main reason to cause high levels of androgen hormones. Excessive amounts of androgen prevent ovaries from releasing an egg. If you are unable to get conceived, then PCOS is the major reason. Get yourself treated under the supervision of experts who would recommend better dietary changes and medications.

Weight Gain

Women with PCOS experience massive weight around the waist. This is another major symptom of PCOS, where you would feel bulky. If you people notice any weight problems, then talk to the doctor because this is not something to ignore. Bring lifestyle changes and follow a proper diet plan to get rid of this disease. Although this disease can be controlled with specific lifestyle changes.


Are you one of those who have been facing the extra body and facial hair? Hirsutism is one of the main symptoms of PCOS. Androgen hormones are responsible for this. Females have a small number of androgens, but PCOS women have a high level. Extra body hair is common on the upper lip, cheek, chin, inner thighs, low belly breasts and lower back. Many people would show up on the chest, upper back and upper abdomen.

Thinning Scalp Hair

Effect of alopecia is common in PCOS women. If you are losing hair in the same pattern on top of the scalp, towards the forehead and at temples, it will make scalp hair thinning all over the head. It’s essential to take proper diet to reduce the stress and infection because of PCOS.

Persistent Acne

Women of all ages may have different skin issues such as clogged pores, pimples and oily skin. PCOS would make your health issues even more worse, and for this, you may take so many treatments. When you have PCOs, then no cream, toners, antibiotic pills would help. Birth control pills are effective in treating acne by balancing hormones.

Dark Skin Patches

PCOS causes dark skin patches, and it is visible on specific areas of the body. Although it would look unpleasant, this is because of insulin resistance from PCOS. If you people want to treat dark skin patches, then consult with a doctor immediately. The best thing to treat insulin resistance and balancing hormones is with effective medications and lifestyle changes.

Sharp Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is another symptom of PCOS that can produce ovarian cysts and trigger massive pain in the pelvic area. Ovarian cysts cause pelvic pain and make you dull and give a sharp jolt in the lower belly. There are so many reasons for pelvic pain, including ovulation, uterine fibroids and much more. If pelvic pain is serious, then consult a doctor to get rid of this.


Women with PCOS have a higher rate of depression and anxiety. Depression causes sadness, fatigue and irritability. Anxiety would make you feel constant and fatigued as well as restless.
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People with these symptoms need to see a doctor for treatment. It’s essential to balance the hormones by coping with depression.

What foods to Avoid in PCOS?

Limit Alcohol Intake

Women with PCOS also have a fatty liver, which is mainly diagnosed in an ultrasound. Alcohol should be avoided to maintain a balanced diet and one effective way to manage fatty liver in conjunction with PCOS. If you are into this addiction, then get yourself treated under the supervision of rehab. People who want to pursue alcohol or drug addiction treatment need a plan to pay for rehab.
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Humana health plans are being offered to many addicted to saving their lives by taking the best treatment.

Limit Refined Carbs

Refined carbs must be avoided to treat PCOS. Women with PCOS need to limit refined carbs because of higher levels of insulin. It would help weight loss that decreases androgen levels responsible for acne, abnormal hair growth, and irregular menstrual cycle. Avoid white bread, regular pasta, white rice and pizza dough to limit the refined carbs.
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Limit Sugar Beverages

You people need to limit the sugar beverages because excessive sugar intake would spike blood sugar. Stay away from concentrated sweets and sugars such as fruit juices. Soda, fruit juice, bottled smoothies and cold-pressed juices need to be avoided in the PCOS diet. Sugary foods are not for PCOS because they destroy the gut microbiome.

Limit Saturated And Trans Fats

Saturated foods are overly processed meats that are not beneficial for weight loss or a healthy balanced diet. These high-fat foods cause problems for PCOS patients. Women with PCOS need to avoid saturated and Trans fats.

Limit The Dairy Intake

Reducing dairy intake would help to get treated with hormonal PCOS symptoms. Cut back dairy on even a vegan diet because there is no intolerance to dairy. It may make PCOS worse. Calcium and vitamin D intake should be taken from alternatives. Avoid artificially or heavily processed cheese, yogurts with additive sugar amounts.

These are the signs and limitations that need to be avoided for treating PCOS. Go to the doctor for consultation because they would suggest the best treatments.

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