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Top Must-Know Tools For ASP.Net Developers

With the ASP.Net framework being widely used globally, many third-party tools have been developed.
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These tools help a software development company in software development, debugging, code quality evaluation, and more. However, with this wide availability, it becomes very difficult to make the right choice, particularly for those who are new in the technical domain. To help these people, here is a list of the most efficient and common tools that every .Net developer should know. Hire .Net developers who are well-versed with these tools:

1. Visual Studio

It is a powerful, light-weight source code editor that has an Integrated Development environment. Every .Net developer should be familiar with this tool to develop web services, web applications, and websites. With its ID, the ASP.Net developers get the most efficient and productive method to get the best results. Due to its amazing features like code suggestions, code compilation, debugging tools, simple access to objects definition, and more, you can rest assured about creating amazing products.

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2. NuGet

NuGet, initially, began as an open-source, free package manager for the MS development platform. However, it has grown into a complete ecosystem of services and tools. Its tools let you consume different packages. The tool shows how different packages are created, expanded, and hosted. It is the main tool for introducing libraries, modules, and frameworks in you ASP.Net applications. NuGet contains nearly 150 thousand packages to create projects.

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3. ReSharper

ReSharper is a famous productivity extension. It helps detect errors and offer various automatic fixes, allows for fast navigation across the codes, and simplify code changes. With this tool, a developer can get many improvements, including better refactoring, additional code analysis, and enhanced template engine and code snippet. ReSharper helps evaluate the quality of your code, avoid memory leaks, and offers profilers to optimize codes for performance. Try ReSharper if you want to improve and optimize your ASP.
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Net code.

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4. NDepend

It is a powerful code analysis tool. NDepend is also a Visual Studio extension adept at measuring your product’s source code quality. With NDepend, you get the benefits of improving code maintainability, better coding, improving productivity of your team, integration with visual studio, measurement of code coverage, better control over risks and costs, and more. It also offers a customized querying language for checking out your application’s coupling along with offering the possibility to evaluate how the code adheres to the standards.

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5. LINQPad

LINQPad sanctions testing of LINQ queries of Visual Basic/ F#/ C# program. This platform offers instant feedback and prototyping. LINQPad is an ideal tool that has in-built features such as autocomplete and debugger. This tool helps handle the clutter within the source codes folder in Visual Studio Console. It plays a vital role in testing code snippets and experimenting with LINQ before introducing them in your code

6. SonarQube

It is another open-souce tool that is used for reviewing static codes It is good to evaluate the ASP.Net managed codes. This tool consists of a data mart, static analyzers, and a portal to handle your technical debts. SonarCube not only offers a solid community, but also provides extra analyzers that can be used as plug-ins. It is simple to set and configure and comes with in-built rule sets – coding standards, best convention, security, and practices.

7. NUnit

NUnit is known to interoperate with custom test runners and non-Microsoft platforms nicely. It is well-known for quick test running and other added features such as test annotations. Thanks to. These features, tests can be easily categorized and launched as per certain parameters.
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With a console runner, this tool makes it simple to include the tests in the CI-process.

8. SQLComplete

It is a famous productivity tools that helps augment the Server Management Studio of the SQL by adding helpful features like script generation, tab coloring, navigation, and more. SQLComplete is a customizable tool that not only enhances code quality, but simplifies the procedure of creating SQL queries using Context code completion, managing aliases, code highlighting, Code completion for the CTE, and more.

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9. Chocolatey

It is a free to use Windows package manager, compatible with all the latest programming establishment innovations. It allows the development and deployment of various software packages using tools you are familiar with. Chocolatey supports many Windows operating systems and cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Azure.

10. WinDbg

If you are looking for debugging a Windows application, WinDbg is a perfect tool for that. While engineers used in-built IDE debuggers traditionally, WinDbg can also run out of Visual Studio. Thus, it is an excellent tool for developers who like free, open-source software. This tool can be used to debug user-mode and kernel-mode code, check CPU registers, and crash dumps.

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