Top three tips to properly guide your employees

Most of us work jobs that require talking and explaining certain tasks to people who work with us. Some of us are in higher ranks. Thus, it is our job to grant a clear understanding of the required tasks to the employees. If you are a business owner and are on the lookout for more tips on how you can give clear instructions to your employees so that they are less likely to make errors, you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled the top tips that help clear any communication barriers you might face with your employee.

Explain everything

Many of us think that the employee might have an idea of a minor detail you missed, but it is crucial to mention everything in detail. It would be best not to assume that your employee knows about everything without making sure. It is important to clearly explain how you want the process, procedures, and end product to be. You can do this by devising a standardized work instructions manual for your workers. Many office places have these instructions written on paper and put up on a wall to remind the workers of them constantly.

SWI is a great way to improve the understanding between you and your employees. It is beneficial, as they can check up on it regularly if they forget any key detail.

Give examples

The best way to explain a concept to someone is to give them an example. This same phenomenon should be used to guide your employees over a certain piece of work. If you give them examples, all the confusion left in their brain evaporates. Thus, keep in mind that it might be difficult for them to grasp that idea as quickly as you expect them to. Examples are a great way to clear misunderstandings.

Give deadlines

Giving your employees a certain period to finish a task not only ensures that they don’t procrastinate for too long, but it also increases their mental power and speed. When workers have a deadline in mind, they are more likely to prioritize their work. The perfect way to test the understanding of your employee is to introduce them to an idea and then provide them a limited amount of time to bring that idea to life. If they fail to do so, this will mean that they cannot comprehend your guidelines properly. We need our employees well acquainted with the features of our platform. In that case, you might want to go back to the first two tips mentioned.


We always want to promote understanding and clarity in our workspace. No one wants constant confusion to pollute their work. Having communication issues and understanding barriers can destroy the efficiency of your employee and can cause great turmoil at work. To help your employees understand you better, we state the top three tips that will prove helpful.

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