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Trollishly: How To Win Big By Using Facebook Fashion Ads?

Since its inception, Facebook has remained huge with more audiences. As per statistics, Facebook has more than 2.9 billion active users a month, which is an unbeatable record by any other platform. It is the world’s number one ‘active platform.’ Nearly 36.8% of the population uses Facebook monthly. See how massive the network is! Do you fashion brands miss out on the opportunity to reach millions of audiences? We think you don’t! 

The common misconception is that Facebook is to pass the time and make fun. Apart from that, it has the potential to skyrocket your businesses. But how is it possible? Facebook provides more features free of cost to utilize. For example, Facebook reels, ads, stories, etc., are adequate to promote your products. So brands can even try to buy facebook reels likes and stay ahead of the competition. 

Interesting Fact: Over 78% of Facebook users have discovered new products on the Facebook platform. There are 250 million Facebook shops present globally in the online world. Moreover, Facebook marketplace ads reach 562 million people. 

Generally, ads on the internet are short video content or static images. Ads attractively promote your products and will make the audience hook on to your brand. If you create unique ads, your brand will hit the internet world by storm. When it comes to Fashion brands, aesthetics are more critical. Fashion businesses should consider having Facebook ads in their social media strategy. 

Role Of Facebook Ads In Fashion Brands

Facebook ads are designed to target end-users. Many fashion brands think running Facebook ads is complex and doesn’t produce the desired results. But in reality, if you invest in Facebook ads for $1, you will get around $15. As Facebook has precise targeting options, brands can target hyper-specific audiences using locations, interests, and behavior analysis. Furthermore, Facebook gives you proper insights into your ad performance. So you can uplift your performance through the improvisation process. Let’s explore more ideas on how to push forward your ads to more audiences. 

5 Facebook Fashion Ads Ideas

1. Emphasize Your Brand Values

Customers will buy products that attract and trust them. Similarly, your brand goals should align with customer thoughts, which gives an emotional touch. Starting from Ralph Lauren to small businesses, everyone leverages Facebook ads. When you watch Ralph Lauren ads, it shows the brand remains unchanged with its quality and integrity over several years. It proves millions trust the brand and that it is sustainable with production. Furthermore, you can opt to use Trollishly and shall advance your reach on the target market organically.  

2. Partner With Influencers For Facebook Ads

A company alone doesn’t need to post ads on its profile. As Facebook is the platform for vast opportunities, you can partner with influencers and make them post your ads. As ads are only 5-15 seconds long, they can also post them in-between their videos. More than brands, influencers will know when to post your ads and where to post your brand ads. It is a smart move for brands to connect with influencers. 

3. Promote New Arrivals

Customers will always search for new trendy products and be eager to purchase the latest styles. If you have a variety of products in fashion, showcase the highlighted ones and best moving ones in your ads. Include your website URL in ads so customers can check on your website for varieties and make purchases. 

4. Ad Formats

In your ads, please focus on the taglines and keep them attractive. Show your product benefits, and you may explain them clearly in advertisements with a storyline. When you give the audience a story on your ads, they will easily connect with your brand and keep it in their memory for a long time. Your ads should follow the same theme and style. The ad should mainly focus on unique selling points. 

5. Create Ads For Special Occasions

Facebook fashion ads for special occasions draw the attention of millions of people. When you pitch these ads at the right time near the festive season, many people will watch your ads, thus increasing the sales funnel. Produce relatable and engaging content. Use elements like graphics, filters, etc., to enrich your ads. Brands can also retarget ads to the same people who don’t complete their purchases. Through this, you can increase conversion rates. 


Beyond your imagination, Facebook ads will provide you with massive ROI. To get started with Facebook ads, we hope the above five tips will be more helpful. Facebook ads will convert your followers into valuable customers. You can also try Trollishly, which shall do wonders in marketing your fashion brands. Fashion never goes out of style! As it keeps changing dynamically, the brands should also hop on to it to reach higher heights. 

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