What Are Rules For Wearing A Kimono?

A kimono is a traditional dress worn by Japanese women. It is generally party wear, and the material of the dress is generally silk. In the present times, you will find cotton ones as well. These kimonos are heavily printed or ornamented.
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You may wear it for casual occasions, but it is more preferable for grand occasions like weddings, receptions, parties, and more. Have a look through the collection of beautiful kimono dresses in various colors and patterns.

However, not just buying the dress, but you must know how to wear it. The interesting thing about traditional wear is that you need to know the correct way to wear it. If anything goes amiss, you will not be able to bring out the unique style and flavor of the dress. Here are some things that you may fall back on when you try out a kimono:

It Should Always Be Left Over Right

You may wonder if it’s something this trivial that actually matters while wearing a kimono. The fact is when you wear a wrap dress as a kimono, you need to adhere to certain cultural rules. If you wear the right side over the left, it signifies death, which would mean it is your funeral. Hence, to avoid controversies, you must put the left side over the right while tying it.

Use A Sash To Keep The Dress In Place

If you wear a sash, it will keep the kimono in place when you walk or sit down. You will look beautiful in it because it will highlight your waistline and figure. Discover the collection of kimono sash to pair with your favorite kimono dress. Wear a sash to bring out the color contrast of the dress.

Take Care Of The Collar Position

If you are wearing a kimono and you are a young girl, you must wear the neck low and the collar high. If you are an older woman, you must wear the collar moderately high and not lower the back of the neck too much.
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Be Seasonal And Experimental

If you are wearing a kimono, make sure you are wearing seasonal colors and materials. You can choose patterns of leaves or other designs so that you can be matching with the current season.
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Both the material and the pattern must be in context with the current season. Hence, choose a darker and more sublime one for the winter and a lighter one for the summer.

It Should Be Parallel To The Ground

If you are wearing a kimono, make sure it looks like a tube because that is the original shape of the dress. If you tie the dress improperly, it will look disproportionate. Hence, you need to wear it correctly so that it is parallel to the ground and gives a proper tube shape. Those of you who have a rectangular body shape may choose to wear some padding.

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