What Are the Best Colleges and Universities in Vancouver

Where one chooses to attend college is the first step on the path of what the rest of their life is going to look like.
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Of course, some wait until after college to leave home and for others, where they attend school is somewhere they’ll live for a couple of years and only return to once or twice for the rest of their lives.
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If you are attending school in Vancouver, be it as a lifelong resident or as someone new to the area, given how beautiful and prosperous the area is, don’t be surprised if you never leave. While you are still in school, you might even find yourself already looking at Vancouver homes for sale to make life here a little more permanent. 

Before that point, everyone has to choose the school that’s right for them. If you aren’t sure what those might look like, here’s some of the best options around Vancouver.
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University Of British Columbia

Many schools have the programs they are known for, but not everyone knows exactly what they want to do with their lives before they even enter college. For those who aren’t sure, UBC might just be the perfect place as it ranks among the top universities throughout the entire country and will offer anyone a quality education no matter what they are looking to study. 

If your academic interests are varied and you’d like to spend your first few semesters undecided, UBC’s diverse program offerings should quickly put you at ease as this school seems to be known for it all. 


For some, the idea of large class sizes and feeling lost among the crowd is crippling. If making sure you are in small classrooms with plenty of attention from the faculty is of the utmost importance to you, Langara might be where you’d be happiest. The professors that teach there are known for their helpfulness and approachability which is what can make the difference in getting the education you’ve dreamt about. 

A majority of Langara’s programs are transferable so for those that decide they’d like the larger university experience, don’t feel like that door is closed if you are starting out at Langara but have somewhere else in the back of your mind. 

Vancouver Film School

The city of Vancouver is known as Hollywood North so there should be known surprise that there’s an amazing film industry found in the city. For those interested in a career in film, going to school in the city where the industry is will always be a wise decision as by the time you are finished with your program, you’ll already have years of experience and connections under your belt. 

Fascinatingly, the school was co-founded with the city of Shanghai as a way to help the Chinese film industry grow and also as a way to grow the bond between North American and Chinese film. For Canadian natives, this makes for both a great education as well as a priceless cultural experience. 

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