What Are The Best Events In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Animal Crossing New Horizons has been running around one and a half years and they introduced a number of events and holidays in the game. Among these festivals, which one is your favorite? And what are the best events in ACNH?

This event was repetitive, but it was the one where we had to go to the museum every day and enjoy all of the bugs and fish and fossils on display. International Museum Day was one of the greatest ACNH events, and it should be remembered as one of the best ACNH events. After stamping our cards at each area of the museum, Blathers would present us with a plaque that had either a fossil, an insect, or a fish emblem on it as a thank you for our efforts. There really wasn’t much more to this event except repeating the same thing over and over again. You may sell the disease for 300 AC bells if you want to make some money. Each and every day from May 18th to May 30th, during the International Museum Day event time, there will be a new Stamp Rally hosted by Blathers in which visitors may earn three additional stamps in each gallery by participating. When the Version 1.10 April Update was published on April 28th, 2021, this event was added to the game for the year 2021, and you’ll need to have updated your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to be able to participate in the event.

After that, we went to the Earth Day event in April, which is when we first saw Leif and were able to go into some bushes. This was the second time we encountered him. Planting shrubs all around your island will add a lush touch to it, and you may start doing so right now. Although it would be really adorable if Leif had his own little little store in the game, all we actually accomplished was obtaining plants. Earth Day, as the real-world event is known, is an annual occasion observed all over the globe to show support for environmental preservation and to raise awareness of environmental issues. During the 2021 Nature Day event, which will begin on the 15th of April in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and conclude on the 22nd of April, you will only have a limited amount of time to buy the Cool Globe item. The event will formally begin on April 22 and will continue for two weeks.

Rover has been with us on our May Day trip throughout the Animal Crossing games, although he can be very irritating.
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Rover’s return wasn’t particularly exciting, since we had to go to a labyrinth island and complete the maze by ourselves. We would eventually get to meet Rover and snap a slew of adorable pictures with him; this rover’s briefcase, which you get as a reward for clearing the labyrinth, is one of the most unique Animal Crossing items for sale.

After that, we’ll speak about June’s Wedding Season, and how we finally got to see Reese and Cyrus make their appearance on Harvey’s island to take their anniversary pictures, after months of anticipation. Despite the fact that we had retail, which was the store that they had just opened, it was still enjoyable to spend some time with them and design photographs to be used for their wedding reception. The inexpensive ACNH goods that you received with this update were fantastic, and the cake was one of the finest of them all.
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Nonetheless, it was redundant in the same way that world museum day was being celebrated there over and over again, but at the very least you had a nice new prize to look forward to that you might get from Cyrus after snapping the pictures.

Bunny Day is the last celebration. Bunny Day is coming to New Horizons, and with the game’s first update for version 1.1, we meet Zipper, who will visit your island during the bunny day event and is arguably one of the game’s scariest non-player characters (NPC). Rabbit Day in 2020 was much too lengthy, beginning on April 1st and concluding on Sunday, April 12th, allowing us just 12 days to fulfill Zipper’s request for discovering the many kinds of eggs and ACNH DIYs. Given that it coincided with the cherry blossom season, getting all of the cherry blossom things from balloons while simultaneously dealing with the bunny day stuff proved to be very challenging. And Nintendo has made improvements to this event for the year 2021.
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