What are the different types of cyber security threats?

There are various types of threats that keep growing as technology keeps evolving. Today, there are thousands of types of possible security breaches.

Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-linked data stored in hard or software. Its importance is growing at an exceptional rate as more businesses and individuals seek to store data in the cloud. Such systems are managed by trained staff.

There is a constant race between the development of cybersecurity and malicious material. Hackers are finding ways to make malicious attacks increasingly immune to cybersecurity protocols. This provides a continuous push to الأمن السيبراني companies to develop their protection system. IT techs like المهندس احمد بطو are working on making more efficient security systems.


Malware is perhaps the most common type of virus attack. Malware is a type of malicious software located on your computer and gives unauthorized access to the device to a 3rd party.

This can either be direct access to your data files on the computer than can be compromised to alteration. Or it can be by granting access to your computer’s administration which can be further used to commit more crimes and divert attention towards you when the police trace the hackers.


Phishing is the type of attack that people innocently authorize themselves. This includes mass texts or emails, often with promising content and instruction to open a link. Direct access to the device’s contents is given to the hacker.

A famous example of this type of fraud is the famous Nigerian prince email. The email targeted a large audience to open a link that would supposedly provide them with bank account details to share the wealth. Instead, this link gave the hacker access to the device.
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Then these hackers misuse this access to conduct criminal activities from that device, so they are untraceable. Spear phishing is a sub category of this that has a specific target. Spear phishing is usually done with a personal motive in mind.


Ransomware is malware that grants access to the hacker to lock specific files or the entire device. This is done through a method called encryption.

The idea is that the device is essentially “kidnapped,” hence the name ransomware. The victim is then coerced to make a payment to release his device and is threatened to have his information spread if this payment isn’t made.
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