What are the Disadvantages of Globex360 Broker?

We have a question for you! Why would you reject a broker and move on to the next one?
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Yes, there can be many different reasons, but I have noticed that all those reasons are always connected to those drawbacks of working with that broker? If not, don’t sweat it because we have done it on your behalf.

Every broker has some specialties and drawbacks or disadvantages that are different from others. You just have to point out which is good for you and which is not suitable for you. 

And so, to ease your work, we have got some disadvantages of working with Globex360 broker so that you can determine your thoughts about Globex360 quite easily:

Globex360 Broker is not Available in All Countries

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of Globex360 that is not only bad for traders but is also for itself. Because countries in which Globex360 is unavailable are one of the biggest markets of brokerage and FX and CFD trading. These countries are:

  • USA
  • Belgium 
  • Canada

The real reason behind the inaccessibility of this broker is still a secret, but it seems that it will never be available in these countries. It is a fact that Globex360 broker was first launched as a broker that will serve only in Africa.
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But after four years (from 2017 to 2021), this vision was changed, and now, some other countries are also working with Globex360 like:

  • Australia
  • Chile

So, if you are a permanent citizen of any of those three countries, you cannot trade with a Globex360 broker.

Withdrawal Process of Globex360 Broker takes more Time

Would you ever prefer a broker that deposits your money in next to no time but takes so much time while the withdrawal process of your profit? If not, then you are not the only trader in the world because everyone wants his profit as early as possible.

But Globex360 is a bad choice if you are so touchy about your profit withdrawal.
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Many people who have worked with Globex360 have always complained that their withdrawal process takes more time than the deposit process.

Here, the interesting thing is that late withdrawal does not mean that Globex360 broker is a scam or not safe. Every person’s profit was sent to him but late. 

Globex360 Broker only Offers MT4 Platform

cTrade, MT5, and MT4 trading platforms are probably the most famous and commonly used trading platforms in the world. And usually, the broker who offers all of these platforms is said to be the right choice or maybe the best option.

If you are also a person who wants to trade with that broker that offers three trading platforms, then Globex360 broker is not a good optyion for you. Because it offers only one option, the MT4 trading platform.

Well, we all know that a trader will always trade on only one trading platform. And if you prefer the MT4 platform over cTrade and MT5, you should not bother with this drawback. Right?

Final Words

These were three drawbacks of Globes360 broker, but before making any decision, you should visit Globex.    

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