What are the tips for properly cleaning your vehicle?

Want to clean your vehicle but don’t know how to go about getting a clean, tidy result? Frizz gives you his advice on this matter throughout this article. And if you need help, you can contact a steamgrønt!

All our tips for cleaning your car properly

What are the stains that can make a car dirty?

There are many items inside the car that can be stained and dirty. This is the case with the carpet, undoubtedly the most exposed to stains. Bad weather is enough to soak your shoes with mud and grime while walking. By getting behind the wheel, if you don’t wipe your feet properly, you are spreading this mud on the carpet. . Food residues and wet soil can, due to carelessness, can cover the seats and trim in your interior. Even if you have pets that you occasionally carry in the back: even by placing a blanket on the bench, your brave beast can leave traces of dirt with its paws or its hair.

Also watch out for traces that may appear on the windows due to external conditions (bad weather, various projections, and pets can dirty the windows) and the trunk, of course, is susceptible to getting dirty. A broken bottle spilling its liquid inside, traces of gasoline, or the accumulation of dust are all sources of degradation.

As regards the paint, the bodywork, or the rims, exposure to the exterior is of course the cause of many stains. Rainwater, dirt, dust, and other jets from the tires generate unsightly layers of dirt (including the rims, located close to the ground). Sometimes old models can also show rust spots. You can read our article on how to remove a rust stain from the body of a vehicle.

How to avoid dirtying your car?

There are several simple tips that can help you put off the time when proper body cleaning or a coat of paint is needed. For example, you can protect the backrests of the front seats if you have small children, preventing them from getting covered in mud and grime. You will find suitable protective covers in stores, but you can also make protection yourself with pieces of fabric.

To protect your car mats, there are also car mats. The presence of these will protect your carpets from possible gravel, sand or even marks of sludge liable to soak up. You just need to shake the mat outside as soon as you notice the presence of these stains. If you regularly transport a sick person in a car, always have bags available. You will thus avoid certain inconveniences; with bad not hesitate to take a look at our advice on how to remove bad odors from a vehicle.

What are the tips for cleaning your car properly?

What materials do you need to clean a car?

What tools and with what products to use for your Rengøring af bil? Here is what you will need to complete your car cleaning and maintenance mission:

  • Vacuum
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Seat cleaner (specifically designed for fabric or leather)
  • Plastic maintenance and protection product
  • Detergent product (possibly)
  • Brush, microfiber cloth, and / or chemisette (chamois leather)
  • High-pressure steam cleaner
  • A sponge (preferably a new sponge), a bucket of water, and a car wash

What are the tips for knowing how to clean your car?

Tip 1: seats and trim

Clean your seats at least twice a year (washing your car less than twice a year is not enough. After that, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust. Then wash the upholstery by rubbing with l using a cleaning product specifically designed for their material of the composition.

Tip 2: carpet

Maintenance products are superfluous here. It is especially important to regularly shake your car mat. Also, vacuum every time you do maintenance. After that, also think about drying them, since the moisture they retain can attack the floor of your car.

Tip 3: plastic elements

Using detergent can be effective in cleaning the plastic surfaces of your car. You will also find specific products in specialized stores. Simply wet your cloth with water, without using any cleaning product, to clean the dashboard without damaging it (the water is not aggressive).

Tip 4: bodywork

In a bucket of water, mix specific detergent. Briskly wet the body of the car with the mixture of water and product (the paint is okay). Then rub the body of the car with the sponge. Rinse the bodywork with a garden hose or your bucket of water. Dry the water by rubbing with a chemisette. You can then polish the body of your car with a product dedicated to this purpose.

Who to contact to clean your car?

Call on a Bilvask københavn to clean your car

Do you doubt your skills as a handyman to wash your car and still want to call on an experienced person to clean your car? By browsing our jobbing site, you will come into contact with talented jobbers, able to help you and provide you with valuable advice on how to wash your car. You can get these tips through our chat tool before you have selected one of them. In addition, you can now contact the steamgrønt closest to your home so that they can come and help you. You can easily contact by clicking on these highlighted link.


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