What Everyone Must Know About Cataract And Cataract Surgeries

Cataracts are one of the most prevalent causes of blindness among Australians. A report from 2018 says that around 7 lakh Australians live with cataracts. The pervasiveness of this condition is soaring in major cities of NSW like Sydney. Since a cataract becomes more prevalent with age, densely populated areas contain a higher number of cases. Cataract eye surgery in Sydney is the typical way to treat and remove the cataract, preventing further blindness. More than half of the adult population goes for cataract surgery anytime after they hit their early fifties.

How to get a cataract diagnosed?

If one has started to feel their vision is blurred or cloudy even with glasses, there are chances that the eye might have developed a cataract. In such cases, never delay meeting a doctor. Once scheduled an appointment with an ophthalmologist in Sydney, they will run a comprehensive examination of the visual system. Measuring the eye pressure is an integral part of the diagnosis, after which they treat the eyes with a pupil elongator to look out for damages in the lens/retina.

What does cataract surgery involve?

Sydney was tagged the second healthiest city in the world. However, one in every three Australians lives with a cataract. A cataract is an ophthalmic condition that develops slowly and proceeding damages the natural lens of the eye. The typical stage of a cataract involves clump formation in the eyes that can block the image signals sent to the retina. When left unaddressed, cataracts can spread to the other eye and cause a whole vision block by creating cloudy, dim eyesight.

A cataract eye surgery in Sydney aims to remove the clumped natural lens and replace it with an Intraocular lens. Luckily, there are multiple types of IOLs that include different focusing power intensities. These lenses are versatile enough to suit distance vision ranges.

Another surgery technique is phacoemulsification which breaks down the clouded lens using ultrasound waves. Most of the time, cataract surgeries involve the removal of the cloudy part, and then the lens gets replaced with an IOL.

What is the best time one must go for cataract surgery?

Undergoing surgery may sound tricky, and delaying a cataract surgery can worsen the complications. However, the indication of several signs decides the right time to go on a surgery. If one feels that the vision draws away from doing routine activities, it shows that the eyes are degenerating faster. The other factors, like age-related eye complications, signal for quick cataract removal. Also, if any patient has been diagnosed with diabetes in recent years, do not delay a cataract surgery. It is so because diabetic patients are susceptible to a related optical disorder called Diabetic retinopathy which affects the retina.

Are cataract surgeries safe?

Cataract surgeries are pretty common among elders who have lived with cataracts for several years. The fact that there isn’t any other safe and positive technique to remove cataracts. Cataract surgeries have a 100% success rate and are not time-consuming. Studies say that less than 1% of those who undergo this surgery suffer from side effects and post-surgery complications. The benefits are numerous. Just use the prescribed eye drops for a stipulated duration after the surgery. In most cases, the vision gets blurred for some days. However, it gets cleared over time until you can finally go specs-free!

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