What is Required to File a Zantac Lawsuit?

If you’ve suffered from acid reflux and sought out treatments for the condition, odds are you’ve used Zantac at one point or another. It is one of the most popular medications on the market to treat heartburn and millions of people use this over-the-counter medication every day. However, recent findings have shown that Zantac may cause cancer. 

If you have taken Zantac and have developed cancer, you may be entitled to compensation, and a skilled Zantac settlement lawyer will help you get what you deserve.

Zantac and Cancer

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration recalled Zantac due to a link between one of the ingredients in Zantac and cancer. The chemical ingredient in question is known as NDMA (Nitrosodimethylamine) and it has a strong link with cancer development in lab studies. In fact, cancer researchers often use this substance to induce cancer in lab animals for research purposes.

Many different types of cancer have been associated with NDMA including:

  • Renal Cancer;
  • Colon Cancer;
  • Pancreatic Cancer;
  • Leukemia;
  • And Many Other Types.

If you’ve been diagnosed with nearly any form of cancer and have taken the medication Zantac, contact a Zantac settlement lawyer today to see if you qualify for a settlement.

What are the Lawsuits Against Zantac Based On?

Currently, the two main reasons for bringing suit against Zantac include:

  • Failure to Warn the Public: It seems clear that Zantac would have been aware of the risks of NDMA consumption. They did not provide adequate warning to those who sought out the medication for their heartburn symptoms.
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  • Defective Drug Design: From the very start, the design of the drug was defective and created an unnecessary risk for those who took the medication.

In the end, it comes down to the fact that the drug manufacturers should have seen the risk in Zantac and addressed it before bringing the drug to market. Those who took Zantac were needlessly put at risk and will now be dealing with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

What Should I Do If I Believe I Qualify for a Zantac Settlement?
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If you’ve taken Zantac and developed cancer, the first step is to seek medical care. You’ll want to make sure that your doctor performs a thorough examination and makes a definitive diagnosis before you move forward with any type of lawsuit.

Once you’ve addressed your medical concerns, received a diagnosis, and developed a treatment plan with your doctor; it is a good idea to discuss your case with a competent Zantac settlement lawyer. Because this issue is so recent, things will be changing quickly and it may not be easy to navigate the process on your own.
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Your lawyer will make sure that you stay on top of everything and that you do everything necessary to get all of the compensation you deserve. 

You didn’t know that Zantac had this harmful chemical in it before you started taking the medication, so the company should be held responsible for the devastating health and financial consequences they have caused you. Call an experienced Zantac lawyer today.

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