What Jewelry to Wear during Pandemic | Suggestions from Luxuria jewelers 

The pandemic has done its thing in all aspects of our lives and it is best to think about the future with hope and optimism. That is why the perspective on the use of jewelry has changed.

Luxuria Tells What Jewelry to Wear:

There has been a rather radical change in the use of jewelry, which was not foreseen in any parade of previous years.

The use of rings, necklaces, and bracelets predominates at this time, becoming the most required accessories of this season.
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It is known that in summer there is an upturn in bracelets, due to the bare arms that they try to decorate, among other reasons due to the color of the metal or the gems, the tan of the skin is highlighted. 

And a very fun and shocking trend has been observed: each bracelet has a matching ring, either by design or simply by gem color. This means that if four bracers are worn, they will require four rings… on one hand!
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And sometimes more, since in many cases two rings are combined on the same finger, for example, two eternity rings, or a ring with a gem next to a wedding band, etc.

In short, the possibilities are endless; here your own taste will help to personalize the look. In other words: hands and pulses are at this time the great protagonists when it comes to wearing jewelry.

Every day or just sometimes?

Luckily there are designs and types of jewelry to wear every day and on all occasions. The strict canons in which informal jewelry was worn by day and more voluptuous jewelry at night have already passed into history.
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Today, what dictates what to wear during the day or at night is our mood. It is true that a very luxurious type of jewelry, in gold and diamonds or very expensive gems, will preferably be worn on special occasions… but this does not mean that diamond rings cannot be worn during the day, or tennis bracelets with beautiful gems – even diamonds – if we feel like doing it during the day?

And Luxuria, helps us to be, today more than ever, at the crest of the wave in terms of jewelry trends with its affordable prices and innumerable designs.

What do you expect? On the hunt for rings and bracelets in the Luxuria online store!

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