What you need to know to buy the best solar water heater

The term “solar” means relating tothe sun –A solar water heater is a device that uses solar radiation to produce heat used in warming water. Solar is a renewable source of energy. Solar water heaters are widely used in the current world because of their efficiency and reliability. Solar water heaters are of different varieties, sizes, and design. Like any other product, consider aspects while buying a solar water heater. Below are major factors to look at when buying a solar water heater.

Solar water heaters have provided solutions for both residential and industrial activities. Technologyhas made solar more comfortablethrough continuousupgrading of products,managing, and providing quality services.Solar heatershave two main parts – a storage tank for the preservation of heat energy and a apricus solar hot water system collector for capturing the heat from the sun. Overpriced electricity bills andunpredictable power supply have been major problems faced by both domestic and industrial activities.People are now moving to solar energy has it is verified, effective,low-priced, and dependable.
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The main reason of buying asolar heater is to serve its purpose of heating water.The ability of a solar water heater to last long is very important.Durable products are a good investment since you need to buy them once in a lifetime.Before purchasing a solar water heater ensure it has a warranty.The type of water also affects its durability; ensure you buy asolar water heater that matches the type of water.

Installation factor

Like most products, solar water heater functionality is determined by its installation. Acquiring a professional installation personnel guarantees that the solar water heater functions as it would and can servea longer time.
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Solar heater companies should be able to get professionals to deliver after-sale services – this will help in the reduction of costs and getting quality services from trusted professionals.


Devices to work well should be well maintained.Once a solar is installed maintenance should be done to ensure effective operation.Hiring skilled personnelwith knowledge about solar is the best idea since they can be able to always determinethe solutionsfor your solar water heater. Maintenance also helps in the durability of the solar water heater since most of its parts are in good condition.


Solar water heaters come in different varieties at different prices. The budget you have should be able to meet the cost of the water heater you would like to purchase. Solar water heater Kenya prices are variable. When selecting a solar heater to buy you have to weigh both the superiority and the value. It’s important to know which solarheater works better for you with your budget.

Water sources and water pressure

The type of solar water heater has an impact on the pressure desired between the solar supply line and solar heating structure.Also, the source of the water used should be considered since it gives the pressure utilized.The two major solar water heaters are;the pressurized model (these are great pressure solar heaters)and non-pressurized ones that are of small pressure.


It’s better to get the best quality solar water heater that can serve for a longer period.Ensure you buy the right solar water heaterfrom a trusted company that offers after-sale services.
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Solar water heaters are environmentally friendly because theyare notpollutants.Solar energy is always available since sunlight is not controlled by human nature. The solar water heater is also pocket-friendly since all you need to buy is a solar panel.

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