Where To Find The Best Biltong Snacks?

Snacking is a worldwide phenomenon, and almost every location has a snack variety that is unique to the cuisine and ingredients available. Meat snacks are popular, and most households have a supply on hand for when hunger strikes. While most individuals are content with their current diet, others are willing to sample new cuisines drastically different from their own.

Meanwhile, the urge to buy biltong, a popular South African food that is now readily available online in Australia, is craved by some Australians. With the rise in popularity of international cuisine, more online retailers offer a wide range of snacks with global delivery for easy access. Most Australians, for example, enjoy Japanese cuisine, and there are several Japanese restaurants around the country.

Although Japanese and Australian cuisines are virtually opposed in terms of ingredients, cooking techniques, and meals, their cuisines are both popular in Australia.

Snacks come in two flavours: sweet and savoury. A meat snack is a salty or spicy snack made with meat as the foundation. Meat pies, for example, are a typical Australian snack with flesh as the main component. While various snacks are widespread across the world, meat nibbles appear to be more popular due to their varied flavour and texture.
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Though there are some sweet snacks, savoury meat snacks are more popular.

Here are some of the best biltong varieties from around the world that are easily available to buy in Australia.


Kuih Cara Berlauk is a savoury appetiser that looks like meat cakes baked in cake moulds. The cake features meat toppings that match the delicious base, and the batter adds coconut milk for added flavour.
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These tasty bite-sized cakes are a favourite snack in Malaysia. They feature chives, spring onions, chillies, and other seasonings for a nutritious taste, making them tempting from the first mouthful.


Tamales are the most well-known Mexican snack in the world, and they have a distinct flavour. A banana leaf or a corn husk is used to wrap the food. Before eating, people must remove them. The snack cooks typically with absorbed flavours. A doughy snack with a spicy pork filling is hidden within the covering, making it ideal for midday nibbling.


Dried squid may appear weird, but it is a protein-rich food that is popular throughout Korea. It has a jerky-like texture and is salty. This snack will appeal to fans of squid and calamari, and it can be found at a variety of online snack retailers that sell ethnic cuisine. This food is enticing, and people should try it to have a sense of how it tastes.


Biltong is a salty snack that resembles pork jerky. It has a distinct texture since the pork strips are progressively air-dried for a more natural flavour. It is healthier than jerky since it’s air-dried, and the taste isn’t compromised. To buy biltong and chew it is like jerky to satisfy snack needs more healthily. These treats are also easily purchased online, making them available to a global audience.


People may be familiar with Chinese dumplings or momos, and xiaolongbao is a similar food, but the filling contains beef broth. Because of the filling, the flavour and texture alter, creating a unique experience. This snack is traditionally served in a bamboo basket, steaming the food to impart the bamboo flavour.


For its diverse flavours and textures, Spanish food has a worldwide following. Pintxos are a traditional Spanish snack and one of the most well-known Spanish dishes.
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This snack consists of open-faced bread with skewered meat. This snack may be made with any meat, and the skewer includes additional components like olives to give it a tart edge.

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