Which is better: Real Human Hair wig or Synthetic Hair Wig?

Every woman would love to have beautiful hair.
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 However, one is not always blessed with a flowing mane, sometimes illness or stress are to blame for hair loss that can hardly be compensated. Then – but also simply as a complement to your own styling – wigs can help. The hairpieces are now made from real hair, which can be washed and styled just like your own hair. So there is no need for an unnatural shine!

Today wigs are used for different purposes. Today women are also more and more prone to hair loss, which can be traced back to a whole range of causes. Excessive hair loss, which leaves bald patches on the head, is one of the most common reasons women choose to wear a wig permanently. Chemotherapy is also an important reason for hair loss.
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 If you want to buy a wig for such a reason, you would do well to opt for a real hair wig. The hair looks natural and can be styled just like your own hair. A high-quality closure wig can be adapted exactly to the shape of the head by a wig maker. This creates a high level of comfort and it is also impossible to tell that you are wearing a hair replacement.


A wig can be chosen as a stylistic device if you just feel like a different look. The real hair wigs also serve as a hair replacement if all else fails. Bald spots don’t have to be anymore. The wig real hair is available in different colors and with pre-made hairstyles. So you can determine whether you prefer wigs with bangs, whether you want to wear curls or rather straight wigs. The testers are real people from normal life – they know exactly what they are talking about when they share their experiences with you.

A distinction is made between wigs, on the one hand, whether they consist of real or artificial hair and the method by which they were made. Human hair wigs give a natural look and they can be styled, colored and curled like normal hair. In return, the real hair wigs cost a little more, but they are also more durable and do not become matted as quickly.

Synthetic fiber and synthetic hair wigs as an alternative

On the other hand, the synthetic hair wig is cheaper. This is easier to care for and retains the styled hairstyle even after washing. There is also a wide variety of models to choose from. However, the wig cannot withstand heat and cannot be redesigned.

Moldable synthetic hair wigs made from durable synthetic fibers are another alternative. These look more natural and are not sensitive to heat, which means they can also be redesigned.

How synthetic hair differ than human hair wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are made from synthetic materials and can therefore be made with very little effort. They mostly consist of transparent polyester threads that are split to the thickness of a hair and then made soft and pliable. Finally, they are colored, which can result in many shades that correspond to the colors of real hair, which is why they are usually offered quite cheaply. The hair for the human hair wigs is human hair, which is mostly bought in Asia and is a little thicker and stronger than the hair of European women.

The effort involved in importing and treating the hair is quite high, which means that these wigs are in most cases more expensive than the synthetic hair versions. However, the real hair wigs have a decisive advantage that justifies the additional price: they are much more durable. So if you want to wear a wig permanently, because of severe hair loss or chemotherapy, a real 613 hair wig is a good buy because it does not have to be replaced so quickly.

Both human and synthetic hair wigs are available in different lengths. From the modern short haircut to the long mane that you may have always dreamed of, you can make every hair wish come true with a wig.

Different ways of making wigs

Synthetic hair wigs in particular are made with cotton ribbons, so-called wefts. The hair is usually sewn onto the weft by machine. This method is inexpensive and weft wigs are also easy to style.

Monofilament wigs

Monofilament wigs are made by hand. The use is similar to the scalp and therefore looks natural. Like real hair, this wig can be styled as desired and the cotton insert is breathable.

This type of production is often chosen for human hair wigs. The elaborate handwork, however, also has its price, which means that the monofilament wigs are in the higher price range.

Mono weft wigs

A mixture of wefts and monofilaments is often used in fashion cuts. In the case of the partial monofilament wig, for example, only the parting can consist of monofilaments, which makes the hair look particularly natural.
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 The rest of the wig is made of braids. As a result, this wig is priced between the pure monofilament wig and the braid wig, but still looks natural.

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