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Why Hire a Power Washing Service in Maryland?

A home isn’t just a roof over your head, it’s also a place to create memorable memories with your family. Besides, it is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. Extensive care is required to maintain a safe haven. Every day throughout the year, your home fights various weather elements, dirt, grime, build, insects and a variety of other debris. You may want to do the exterior cleaning of your home yourself with a plain garden hose, but a professional home power washing company is the best way to power clean your home safely and effectively.
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What is Power Washing?

Power wash is a method of cleaning surfaces by spraying hot water under high pressure from a power washing device. This high-performance jet removes grime, dirt, dust and stains. It’s a lot easier than scrubbing surfaces, and you can step back and get to hard-to-reach places without using a ladder. There are actually three different methods you can use to clean your home. Very often, people can confuse them. The three methods are force, pressure and gentle cleaning. Read on to learn about the benefits.

Protect your family’s health

The exterior of your home exists to protect you from all the harsh elements of the natural world, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to damage from external debris. Build, build and other allergens can build up in your microbes and grow on your wood and siding, endangering the health of your home and your family. For example, inhaling build spores can cause asthma-like symptoms. By hiring a professional laundry service at least once a year, you can prevent the buildup of these harmful parasites from becoming a problem and create a healthier, cleaner home.

Increase the value of your assets

Hiring a professional household electrician can actually increase the wealth of your home. According to the National Association of Realtors, a home that recently uses a washing machine can add up to $15,000 to the sale price. Plus, it will impress both guests and casual passers-by! Also, if you are planning a home repair, such as a roof replacement or repainting, a thorough exterior cleaning can prepare the surface. This eliminates the need to paint over dirt and grime that only cracks and crumbles over time.

Save money in the long run

Of course, you have to pay for professional laundry services. But we can be sure that the investment will pay for itself. Keeping your home in good shape will help you prolong the life of shingles, siding, and everything in between. If you’re diligent about performing an annual household power wash, you’ll prevent yourself (and your wallet) from replacing parts of your home too soon.

Hire an power cleaning service

Having your home professionally power cleaned is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your home’s value and improve its appearance. It’s also a great way to prevent harmful natural elements from accumulating in your home, allowing you to deal with unnecessary maintenance stress. 

Not to mention, if you invest in exterior cleaning, you are also investing in the health and safety of your family. Given all these benefits listed, hiring a professional power cleaning service in Maryland is a smart move to keep your home in top condition! For best results, call – Gutterdogs Power washing service in Maryland

How often should you power wash your home in Maryland

Depending on the climate and conditions, how often you should wash your home can vary. The best way to judge is to use your judgment. If your home looks dirty, or you can see build and mildew growing, it might be time to call in some power cleaning services. There are some events that may require a power wash. If you’ve been through a major storm, hurricane, or tornado, you’ve found your home cratered with mud from the wind.
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Even heavy rain, or hot, humid weather conditions can start to cause dirt to build up inside and outside your home.

Another time to consider power supply is when there is a planned external project. Paint and other coatings adhere well to clean surfaces. Intense washing is a great way to thoroughly cleanse your skin.

Is there a best time for a strong wash?

If you are thinking about cleaning your home regularly, then you should try to do it at the end of each season. This allows you to remove any dirt and grime. The most important times are dusting in late summer and leaf removal in autumn. If you do less, try to find a clear, sunny day to do your power wash. This allows you to see the work you are doing and also allows the sun to dry the house quickly.

If you live in a homeowners community, you should always consult with a homeowners representative before booking a power wash. Dirt on the roof or siding may constitute a violation of the HOA, and you may find that the homeowner has common money in his fund to pay for power cleaning on multiple properties.

Hire a power wash company in Maryland

Now that you know how often you should wash your house, you can start looking for professional services. Decide if you want a full or partial wash and ask for a quote.

Gutterdogs is a fully insured and licensed gutter cleaning and power washing company for Maryland and surrounding areas. With many years of experience, we use environmentally safe, biodegradable products to refresh your home. Call us today for a quote so we can clean your property in no time!

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