Do you know when your AC system will need to be replaced? Some people think that once they get an AC system, it lasts forever. This is not true! Most systems will last for about 10 years before they need AC maintenance or replacement. The most common reason for needing a new AC system is because the unit has been neglected and doesn’t work properly anymore. A good way to avoid this problem is by signing up with a service plan from Socool Heating & Air Conditioning in Singapore so we can take care of any problems before they happen!

What should you include in your AC maintenance plan? You might be wondering: “How often will I need to get my air conditioning unit serviced and what exactly should I have done?” These questions can be answered by a professional. But, there are some things that you can easily do yourself. The most important part of any AC system is the compressor, which actually turns the gas into liquid.

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This process generates heat, so there are two fans under the hood that blow outside air across it to cool it down before sending it through your unit’s evaporator coil. If these fans stop working, then you’ll need to replace your entire compressor! It’s simple to check if they’re spinning freely–just give them a spin with your hands. The next most important part is the evaporator coil inside the home, which removes the heat from your unit. If you see a lot of dust on it, then give us a call! We’ll clean it for you and make sure that everything is working properly.

You should also check your filters once a month to be sure they’re not clogged or dirty–this will cause a strain on your system and might even result in needing to get a new filter installed after only six months! Another thing you can check at least once a week when looking at your filters is whether or not there are any air leaks around them. Make sure all of these simple tasks are completed so that your AC system has an extended life!

All you need to do is call us and we will send a technician out to check your system. We can then tell you if there are any problems that need to be fixed as well as the status of your AC unit and filters. If we find anything, we will contact you immediately!

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First on the list is monthly AC tune-ups. These are crucial especially in Singapore where summers can get pretty warm or cold depending on the season! By providing your unit with routine care, it will last longer and keep your home nice and cool.

Also, the less you have to rely on your AC in hot weather, the easier it is to keep your home cool without raising electricity bills sky high!

Another reason to invest in an AC maintenance plan is that it will save you money when buying new appliances. If you sign up today for our yearly maintenance plan, we will give you off on your new AC unit!

When the time comes to replace your system, you will need to know that it has been properly cleaned out so insects won’t be able to get inside. This saves you money by preventing problems like mold and making sure there’s no damage done to anything before replacing the old appliance with a brand new one. You’ll also want to make sure that everything is working well before buying new appliances because it will save money on having them shipped or delivered!

So what are you waiting for? Call Socool  and sign up for an AC service plan! We service all makes and models of equipment both foreign and domestic. We also service all systems including heat pumps, furnaces, and more!

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