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Why You Should Consider The Toilet Pan For Your Bathroom

Since the pandemic has forced most to stay at home, the majority turned to home improvement efforts. Cooped up at home and made house improvements more urgent, particularly bathroom renovations. Perhaps it was more reasonable to consider a toilet upgrade with more people at home.

Great bathrooms have a timeless appeal since all family members use the toilet. In addition, existing toilets in the market make any bathroom look stylish.
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Because of their simple cleaning and sanitary design, wall faced toilet pans have been the preferred choice in commercial establishments such as shopping malls, restaurants, and bars. However, due to their numerous advantages and attractiveness, they are becoming increasingly popular in private bathrooms.

Each model has its own set of features, and there are many distinct versions available from various manufacturers.
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In this blog article, we’ll go over some of the advantages of using a toilet pan. We’ll also provide a brief overview of what you need to know about their installation and maintenance.

Wall Faced pans are installed directly on the floor. Compared to a wall-hung toilet, there is no space between the floor and the bottom of the pan on this model.
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All plumbing and waste pipes are routed directly into the wall or floor, hiding everything from sight.

Installation and Maintenance Access

High-quality wall faced pans are now considerably more straightforward to install than in the past. This is because they are pre-assembled, and a qualified plumber can quickly put them together and connect them. In addition, choosing an established brand will guarantee that spare parts are always readily available when needed.

You can maintain higher-quality in-wall systems using an access panel installed in the wall. The flush buttons are likewise located on this access panel, which you can easily remove. You may access the cistern without having to break tiles. It also does not necessitate the installation of a separate access point to the cistern in another room.

Benefits of Having Wall Faced Toilet Pans

  • Easy to clean. Compared to traditional toilets, wall faced toilet pans are far easier to clean. One-half of the toilet is built into the wall means that you only have to clean half of the toilet! Because of the concealed piping and plumbing, there are fewer or no dust traps, fewer surfaces to wipe clean, and you won’t have to bother with cleaning that pesky gap between the back of the toilet and the wall, as you would with exposed pipework.
  • Stylish and space-saving. They contribute to creating an elegant, minimalist atmosphere in the bathroom. Additionally, the distance between the floor and wall hanging versions offers the illusion of additional space, ideal for tiny bathrooms that require a little more ventilation.
  • Quiet flushing. A significant amount of noise typically accompanies the filling cycle of traditional tightly coupled toilets. This refers to the water’s sound after you flush the toilet, as the water hits the pan and the unit begins to fill up with water again. Wall faced toilet pans are intended to be much quieter than external cisterns. In most models, filling the cistern with water is often louder than 9 dB.

Whatever your needs are, whether you’re remodelling a bathroom in your house or working on a business project, consider upgrading your bathroom with wall faced toilet pans. Enquire and get an estimate today.

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