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Window Graphics Best Practices For Ensuring the Maximum Impact

While window decals seem simple, there are quite a few considerations you need to factor in to make an optimum choice. Some of the best practices of using window decals are explained:

Deciding On the Best Type of Window Decal

Window clings; They use static electricity to stick to the glass surface of windows are a good choice for temporary graphic displays for events like sales promotions since fixing them is simple. Further, you can take them down and reposition them, weeks afterward unlike the decals that use adhesive to stick. However, a window cling works well only indoors, and you can stick them only to glass surfaces. Since you can get them in both transparent and opaque versions, you can customize window clings to your requirement.

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Window decals: Compared to static clings, window decals offer a more long-lasting solution because they have an adhesive to adhere to the window surface. You can fix them both outdoor and indoor; however, you cannot remove and use them elsewhere because the adhesive forms a strong bond. However, you can remove them with little effort when you want to replace them with new ones. When made from good-quality materials, window decals, available in clear and opaque versions, can last for quite a few years.

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Perforated decals: These appear opaque to people outside but allow those inside the store to see out. Perforated vinyl decals function as one-way screens for enhanced privacy while still offering a good surface for advertising graphics. If applied correctly, perforated decals can last as long as window decals with adhesive.

Frosted decals: It looks like frosted glass, and while they allow light to come inside, people outside cannot see through them. You can print attractive graphics on them but at the same time maintain your privacy.

Deciding On the Decal Size

Window decals are customizable, which means you can have any size you like. Most people cover the glass window or door fully with the decal for an attractive look. However, you will need to measure the dimensions accurately so that the decal fits properly. If need be, allow some excess material on all sides so that you can cut it with a knife or razor blade for an exact fit.

Deciding On the Color

With the decals printed on modern digital machines, you have any color you like. It is best to choose bright colors with synergy with your brand or company logo. It is important to provide enough contrast between the text and the background to allow easy reading.
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Using a white background offers the best contrast though you can use any light color as the background if the text is in a deep color. In well-lit areas, black text works the best.
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According to Design Contest, strong contrast helps to attract attention. You need to be more careful about readability when working with transparent decals.


Good decal design revolves around an attractive but simple design with typefaces free of complications. The font size should be such that the people can read the text comfortably. Restrict the contents to the essential because a cluttered decal deters people from looking at it.

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