Your Guide to the Most Common Bed Styles

If you’re in the market for a bed, you will likely have been blown away by the many different styles on offer. A Google search can reveal articles outlining 70+ different types of beds, with far too much detail for most people. If you’re looking for a bed, the following styles will likely completely match your requirements and be easy enough to find and purchase.

  • Trundle 

Trundle, the great, flexible bed frame is often favored by kids because it has a hidden bed underneath. Despite its reputation for allowing kids to maximize their room for activities, it can be a popular choice for people who want to offer a spare bed for family or friends but don’t have a spare room to put it in.

  • Divan 

Divan beds come with drawers underneath to help you create extra space for storage. They are a very popular bed for modern apartments for the dual storage function. They can also be quite durable, with heavy duty divan beds lasting many years.

  • Platform 

A platform bed might be thought of as the most traditional bed. It simply has four legs, a frame, and a mattress. A headboard is optional. These beds are great for anybody wanting to represent the minimalist school of design, and they are also quite cost-effective, as they can be used with any mattress, and you don’t need to buy a box spring.

  • Sleigh 

Named after a literal sleigh, this style of bed has a high foot and headboard that allow you to sleep on either side without falling off. They can also be quite a striking design choice, best for rooms with lots of space in them and particularly nice interiors. They can be a pain to move and difficult if you need to accommodate anybody especially tall, but they are still one of the most popular bed choices.

  • Loft

A loft bed is very high, so high that it can fit many other items of furniture underneath it, including sofas and tables. It’s therefore a godsend in apartments with very little space but high ceilings. It also has steps that might be dangerous if you have poor mobility. Also, if you toss and turn at night or sleepwalk, you will have to consider one with very high sides.

  • Ottoman

An ottoman is quite close to the divan frame, but you lift the entire mattress for space instead of accessing storage space through drawers. This type of bed was especially popular during the Ottoman Empire, hence its name. This suits some storage materials more, like bedding, but is obviously a bit difficult to access if somebody is using the bed.

  • Day Bed

A day bed is a hybrid bed that can be used as both a sofa and for sleeping, both inside and outside. It is a good space-saver if you live in a small apartment, and it can also make a great spare bed if it serves most of its function as a sofa in the living room. However, most of them have a twin-sized bed frame, which means they will only be suitable for a solo sleeper in most instances.

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