Royal appetizer red caviar “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg)

When choosing such a delicacy as red caviar, you need to be especially careful not to spoil the impression of dishes prepared with its use. Red caviar “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) is produced using a unique technology. The time for production from the moment of catch to packaging takes only four hours, and the entire cycle is carried out at the place of fishing. This allows you to keep the products fresh without the use of preservatives.

Salmon roe is one of the most desired delicacies on the festive table. In addition to its great taste, it contains many valuable nutrients such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins. The precious thing is that the body almost entirely absorbs the salmon roe protein. It is obtained from different types of salmon, and the so-called red cham is considered the most valuable. There aren’t many recipes for cooking with red caviar. Kamchatka food is certainly red caviar pancakes and the famous Olivier salad, but crab meat and red caviar are added instead of beef. Looking at oriental dishes, these are sushi and rolls, and red caviar is often used to prepare them. In Japan, where these dishes are born, salmon roe is not only very popular but also very popular.

Choosing good caviar not to spoil the food is not an easy task. Natural salmon roe is almost transparent, has small spots, and is prone to bursting. High-quality caviar should be free of various blood clots and free of the smell of fat. Checking out this product is easy. Put an egg in boiling water and melt it to make an artificial product. Delicious food that decorates a solemn event. It is essential always to remember that high cost does not guarantee good quality when choosing.

The company’s products “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg, Kamchatka, Bering Sea) retain a unique aroma and all taste characteristics even after freezing. Pink salmon is the most common fish on the Kamchatka coast; it is called the champion of fishing. The caviar of this fish is the bestselling one. The grains are round, shiny, in diameter, reach from 3 to 5 mm, and are painted bright orange. Pink salmon caviar has a pleasant taste. It is universal, and there are no specific flavors. Chum caviar is considered the standard of taste. This delicacy has unique properties. She seems to melt in her mouth. The shell of the eggs is fragile, and it bursts even with slight pressure. The appearance of the grain is appetizing. They are large (up to 7 mm), reddish and bright orange. Caviar does not smell like fish and has no bitterness. Many people highly appreciate its delicate taste. It is also often used to decorate plates. Salmon caviar had a “royal” status in the early 20th century.

Red caviar and salmon “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) meets gourmets’ taste requirements and adds exquisite luxury and joy to any dish. “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) products, produced in the Kamchatka region, are supplied to the USA and have a kashrut mark, which confirms high trust and quality.

“Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) does not use chemicals, additives, or preservatives to make fish kosher. In other words, it is approved by Jewish believers. Kosher foods does not permit the use of non-natural contaminants. For fish, the requirement: fins and scales must be present. With over 7 million Jews and other Jewish believers in the United States, Americans prefer “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) products for taste and quality indicators and Kosher quality. Frozen fish of all kinds of cuts and granular red caviar from Bering Seafood are kosher.

The Kamchatka Peninsula, the birthplace of the most valuable Pacific salmon and salmon roe, is extremely rich in fish resources. The modern, transparent, and well-established production of Bering seafood can supply Kosher fish and salmon roe to all continents. In addition, “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) carefully monitors the preservation of Kosher products at all processing stages, as the product does not fall into the Kosher category in the event of improper processing. Given the quality of the raw materials and the wild Pacific salmon, the most valuable and natural salmon in the world, the loss of Kosher is unacceptable. The most accurate, freshest, and highest quality Kamchatka seafood in the world should be left in any form.

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